About Me

My Background

  •    My art has been affected by my growing interest in philosophy. I attempt to express questions, which interest me, through my art, questions regarding the self, existence and reality. I enquire if there is a concrete reality, if reality is constructed through perception, language, concepts and definitions, within which we live, such as concepts of time, space, knowledge, trace, etc. As well as questions regarding the identity of humans amongst all these elements.  
  •  I have studied art and philosophy at DJCAD, Dundee University, I have an MFA in art and humanities from Dundee University and I'm currently studying MFA at Goldsmiths' University of London. I am looking to commence my career as a conceptual artist. 
  • I have won The Royal Scottish Academy RSA art prize (2018) and  The Maclaine Watters Medal (2018)

My Medium

  •   I tend not to use a certain medium in particular. Medium is one of the tools that help communicating an idea and it should be used this way, it conveys meaning through its connotations.   

My Inspiration

  •  Before “definitions”… before “meanings”… before setting the “rules”… Before “place” and before “time”… before “schemas” and “categories”…  before “you” “see” and “define” the “world”… before “you” “look” into the mirror and “define” “yourself”… there before the “becoming”… “truth” is…

  •  Meaning, being and knowledge, those floating concepts with no exactness are endlessly, form and reform. This makes any attempt to fully understand, a delusional process. Ambitiously, I tried to see if I can capture them and tried to see if anyone had managed to. Philosophers, scientists, etc. all seem to be wandering inside the same cycle, infinitely wandering after the light, blinded. I found myself wandering after the light, blinded.

  •   Through meaningful, meaningless “objects”, suggesting meaningful, meaningless “ideas”, I try to communicate our state of, “wandering after the light blinded”.      

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